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How to Attract Females – 3 Most Common Mistakes of Men with Women

How to Attract Females

If you want to learn how to attract females then you better read on. In this article I’m going to teach you the 3 common mistakes of men with women.

1. Setting Low Standards

Men often limit themselves to lower quality women. Do you know why?

Maybe it’s because they don’t have good looks or they’re not wealthy enough. But when you think about it, it’s all in their minds!

They always think of “She’s too hot for me. I don’t deserve someone like her” and they don’t even bother trying. They resolve to date the very first woman that gets attracted to them. And when they see hot women, they always make excuses to avoid having a social interaction with them.

Well let me tell you my story…

I used to think like that. When I was still studying, there’s this hot chick in our class that I used to really like. If I would rate her by now, I think she’s a 7.5. I really liked her, but the only problem was I always think about “Man, she’s out of my league”. And you know what happened next? NOTHING.

I got nothing because I have set my standards very low.

And then after a few years, I realized that I can bang tons of girls that are way hotter than the girl that was in my class (only because I stopped thinking about that “Out of my league” thing).

It’s all in your mind. If you think you can get high quality women, you really can!

Set high standards. When you meet hot women, don’t get easily attracted. Qualify them first.

Remember this, YOU ARE THE SELECTOR.

2. Not Knowing When to Talk and to Shut Up

Some PUAs will tell you to practice being talkative, and some will tell you to use your ear more than your mouth. But if you ask me, all I can tell you is to know when to shut up and know when to be talkative.

When you first meet a woman, you’re still a stranger to her. She’s still uncomfortable talking with you so she’ll be probably quieter than she used to. That’s the time that you should be talkative.

It’s your job to have a great conversation so don’t let any awkward silence to come up. Talk and talk and talk. Memorize a couple of interesting stories if necessary.

The first time you meet a woman, your job is to build attraction! You can’t build attraction if you shut your mouth up and start listening to what she says because that would seem like a ‘boring interview’. Save that “what do you do for a living?” and “where do you live” questions later.

Now after that “you’re still a stranger to me” phase, that’s the time when you should use your ear. Start asking more questions about her.

Usually, this is the time when you’re already building comfort and trust with your target.

Don’t do this too early! Or else she’ll get bored and will lose interest.

Build attraction first before building comfort and trust.

3. Falling Into the “I think she’s the one” Trap

When a guy starts thinking about “I think she’s the one” or “I think I found her”, he starts to get needy and desperate for the woman.


This is when he starts to get nice and romantic. He starts to think of things that will make her feel great. He starts to give gifts and compliments. When the girl does something wrong, he stays to be nice and will not treat it as a big deal.

Well let me tell you this:

Women find this kind of attitude as manipulative and dishonest. They know that this guy is just being nice to get in their pants.

So instead of falling into the “I think she’s the one” trap and start being nice to the woman, start meeting more women!

Have a consistent method of meeting women because as you meet more and more women, your game will improve and your chance of getting hotter women will increase!

How to Attract Females

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