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Attract a Female – This gets you women… FAST (part 2)

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Attract a femaleAttract a Female

If you want to learn how to attract a female then I suggest you continue reading. In this article I’m going to teach you how to easily approach a woman and start a conversation.

Direct OpenerDirect approach

So what is a direct approach? This is where you directly show interest to your target. Unlike  in the indirect approach where you hide your intentions, here you directly show interest by giving a compliment to her physical appearance or to something else like her dress, bag, shoes, etc.

But be careful when you use this kind of opener. You must sound sincere and genuine or else it will sound scripted.

Open with the right frame of mind

The secret to this opener is to deliver it strong. Open with FULL CONFIDENCE and project proper body language because women will immediately feel fake confidence.

You have to be positive about yourself and put yourself in higher value than your target.

This is one rule of the direct approach – you have to have the ‘Higher value than your target’ kind of thinking.

Indirect VS. Direct Openers

The flaw of the direct opener is that hot babes 9’s and 10’s are used to hearing this all the time. That’s why most beginners starts off with the indirect approach.

The advantage of the indirect approach is that you keep control of the scenario and it starts the conversation quickly.

However, the direct approach is still effective if you do it with these little guidelines below.

Here are things to remember before using this opener:

a.    She should be already interested in you – look for indication of interest like eye contact
b.    You should be demonstrating higher value than your target – for example, roaming around at a party and talking to people like you own the place.
c.    It is easier to do direct openers on daytime than bars and clubs
d.    It’s better to comment on her dress and not on her physical appearance (test it for yourself)
e.    This is more effective on hot babes 7 and below.
f.    Have a pre-opener

Make a pre-opener to make it more effective

So what is a pre-opener? Pre-openers are what you actually say before saying your compliment opener. You can use a usual random pre-opener like:

– Excuse me, what time is it?
– Do you know where (place) is?

And other things that is congruent with the environment like

– It’s hot in here
– It’s a nice house or nice party (when at a house party)
– The sea looks fantastic

Now for the opening line…

1. Direct on looks – “Wow… You look really gorgeous…  I’m _____ (shake hands)”
2. Direct on dress or other details – “Hey… I just saw you passing by…  that dress looks fantastic, where’ve you bought it?”
3. General compliment – “You have great style. I want to know more about you.”

The key here is to open with FULL CONFIDENCE and project proper body language.

For Women With Large Egos

If you’re opening with a perfect 10 or 9 with high egos, it’s more effective to have complementary neg to your compliment.

What’s a neg?

A neg is a powerful tool in seduction where you lower her value and make yours higher.

1. You demonstrate higher value
2. It separate yourself from the majority of men
3. It show Disinterest instead of interest
4. It make her self-conscious about herself
5. It gives her the challenge

For example:

“You look great… but it’s like you’re missing something”

“That dress looks fantastic… It reminds me of my grandma” then smile

This is effective because extremely hot women with high egos are approached everytime and sick of compliments. If you give a neg after a compliment, you will stand out and she will be challenged.

What if the direct opener didn’t work?

Well, in a situation like this one there are only two things you can do. Either follow it up with an indirect opening line or just move on to the next girl.

Some guys would prefer indirect and some prefer direct openers. It definitely depends on what works on you. These techniques are definitely effective but you need more than opening lines if you want to be successful at meeting hot women.

To tell you the truth, even the weirdest opening line can work as long as you know how to handle the situation. But here’s the thing, there are guys out there that use these proven opening lines but they still haven’t got any success. It’s because they don’t understand the FOUNDATION OF ATTRACTION. Or in other words, they just don’t ‘get it’ and they lack practice.

A guy who knows the foundation of attraction can easily attract a female even if he uses the worst pick up lines ever. So my advice is, invest more on your knowledge and practice.

Being good with women is not overnight.

It takes time so start spending some time to improve your skills if you really want to learn how to attract a girl.

Attract a Female

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