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How to Attract a Female

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 How to Attract a FemaleWant to Know How to Attract a Female?

Think about it as a process.

Learning how to attract females takes time and effort. It’s like playing the guitar. You don’t get good at it overnight. You might get frustrated at first, but as you practice and practice your skills, you eventually master playing it.

In this article, you will learn what you need to keep in mind, what you don’t want to keep in mind, and what you need to understand in order to continuously improve your game in meeting women.

How to Attract a Female:

1. The first step in being successful in meeting women, is thinking about success in meeting women!

It might be too simple to you, but it really is. You have to believe first before you receive. You have to get rid of your negative thoughts. Guys always have these excuses when meeting women: ‘Oh, I’m bald.’, ‘I’m ugly, why would she pick me’.

Well, let me tell you this: your excuses will not get you any woman. Start deleting those negative thoughts and start thinking positive. STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

2. You have your own reality. Don’t ever let any woman control what you believe in.

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

There will always be people who will try to bring you down. ALWAYS. It can be women, your friends, or even relatives. But here’s the thing: You’re still in control of it. You’re still the only person who can dictate any possible thing that can happen to your life.

When someone tries to bring you down, immediately say ‘Oh no no no, that’s not the way it is’. You’re going to be successful in meeting women and nobody can ever stop you from doing it. This is your reality and nobody can dictate who you are except yourself.

Have you ever experienced having a debate with a friend and losing even though you’re right? I’ve experienced this a lot of times with my cousin.

Well, the only reason why you lose in this debate is because your friend handles his reality more powerful than yours.

This kind of mentality also applies when picking up women. You have to have your own reality if you want to learn how to attract females.

– You are awesome

– Women want you


and don’t let anyone alter this reality!

3. Understand the PROCESS

Here’s a biggie:

If you want to know how to attract a female, you have to understand the process.

Think of it as a game. When you start at level 1 you don’t fight level 4 monsters because your experience is still very low. But when you start fighting level 1 monsters, you’ll gain knowledge and experience. Then, your level improves and you can now fight level 4 monsters. (okay, you got me. I used to be play a lot of computer games!)

When you approach hot babes 9’s or 10’s with minimal knowledge and experience, you’re more likely to fail. But when you invest time and effort to study the foundation of attraction and practice the techniques that you learn, you will eventually lower your chance of rejection and your success will dramatically increase!

You have to think about the process…

When you’re just starting out and get rejected, don’t quit yet! This is the problem of guys out there, they think of it like ‘Yeah, I’ve read the techniques on how to approach women’ and now they test it and if they fail, they’ll immediately blame it to the person who wrote the technique.

You have to understand that there will always be a process in every success. Think about learning how to play the guitar, you can’t master it in one day. It takes time and effort to be good at it.

If the technique didn’t work for you, you still have to practice some more.

Always think of how you can improve yourself everyday.

What does it take to be good with women? A lot of practice and experience.

Now start practicing your skills today!


How to Attract a Female

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