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How to Attract Females – Do You Have the Right Frame Of Mind?

How to Attract Females

Have you experienced applying the technique that you learned from other pick up artist and felt really awkward? Like experiencing the complete opposite of what the particular technique should have?

Well, there’s only one thing that may have caused that… Having the wrong frame of mind.

Here you will learn how the right frame of mind affects the whole system of your game.

Having the right frame of mind is crucial in learning how to attract females. If you don’t have the right frame of mind, you won’t have much success even if you master all the necessary skills and techniques in meeting women.

For example:

A newbie pick up artist masters one opener (that he learned from an experienced pick up artist) to pick up women. He then uses this technique in one woman that he saw at the bar.

The opener went good. He have started the conversation. Now the chick challenges him and tests if he is different from the other guys.

Now he went wuss and did not know what to say next because:

1. He knew the technique, but did not have the right frame of mind

2. His unconscious mind is unprepared for the situation.

You see, when you don’t have the right frame of mind, you won’t go long. Women will immediately feel your vibe if you’re demonstrating real awesomeness or not.

Your mind is the CAUSE, and having success with women is the EFFECT.

There are actually two parts of your mind, the conscious and the unconscious.

The conscious mind is what you voluntary think right now. It is responsible for logic and reasoning.

Your conscious mind has the power to control everything even what your unconscious mind thinks. Well, it’s like your conscious mind is the coach and the unconscious mind is the player.

So what exactly is this unconscious mind and how important is it in dating women?

“The unconscious mind might be defined as that part of the mind which gives rise to a collection of mental phenomena that manifest in a person’s mind but which the person is not aware of at the time of their occurrence. These phenomena include unconscious feelings, unconscious or automatic skills, unnoticed perceptions, unconscious thoughts, unconscious habits and automatic reactions, complexes, hidden phobias and concealed desires.” ~Wikipedia

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconscious_mind

So basically, the unconscious mind is the one responsible in your unconscious behavior. IF you say to her ‘Yes, I’m a very confident man’ but in your unconscious mind say you aren’t, THEN it will show that you really are not confident.

It will show on your body language, speech, and the way you handle the situation.

This is why most men fail when they look at information on the internet on ‘how to approach women’. They use it without training their unconscious mind to think the right thoughts that’s why when they approach women, the result is not the same as what the information says.

The good news is that your conscious mind still has the power to control what the unconscious mind think.

How to Have the Right Frame Of Mind: How to Attract Females

Here are three methods to achieve the right frame of mind:

1. Visualize self as a winner

2. Repetition of visualization

3. Reframing negative thoughts into positive ones

Always remember that having the right frame of mind is important in learning how to attract females. Practice visualizing yourself as a winner and slowly you will become one.

One good thing about the unconscious mind is that it never complains to what you give to it. If you give negative thoughts it will absorb negative thoughts, but if you give positive thoughts then it will absorb positive thoughts.

Assess yourself regularly on what kind of thoughts you are having. Is it destructive or is it constructive? If it’s destructive then quickly delete it and pot constructive or positive thoughts.

Hope this helps you a lot in learning how to attract females!

How to Attract Females

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