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How to Attract Females – This Gets You Women… FAST

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how to attract femalesHow to Attract Females

When guys search on how to attract a female, they always look immediately at the best pick up lines. What they don’t know is that hot babes hate pick up lines. They already heard every pick up line on the planet!

The best and easiest way to pick up a woman is to use the SIMPLEST openers. You will learn in this article the type of opener that is surely effective in picking up women. (Just make sure you do it correctly)

Opinion openers – Indirect Approach

The opinion opener or indirect opener is a kind of approach where you talk to your target without giving IOIs (indication of interest)

To make it simple, it’s like you’re just asking for her opinion.

The opinion opener works best because it hides the fact that you’re picking up the woman. Well, women (9’s and 10’s) have this bitch shields that they use to defend themselves from hundreds of men that tries to get access to their pants. And using this tactic will immediately disable the bitch shield (depending on how you make your approach).

However, women are very good at observing vibe and body language. If your mind is 100% focused on getting laid or getting her number, she will immediately feel your vibe and the next thing you know, poof! The bitch shield is turned on!

How to Attract Females – The four parts of an opinion opener:

1. Attention grabber

“Hey excuse me (attention grabber)… I need a female opinion. Don’t worry, this won’t take long…”

– she answers –

The attention grabber is the very first words you say when you pick up a woman. It’s totally awkward if you approach a stranger and immediately start a mid conversation with her. That’s why you have to grab her attention first to make your approach seems natural.

Examples of attention grabber:

  • Hey
  • Hi
  • Yo
  • Goodmorning


Smile, but don’t smile too much. It will be obvious that you’re trying to pick her up.

When project a friendly and non-threatening smile, it will not look like a pick up. It’s because smiling too much sends them a signal that you’re up to something fishy. Don’t look too serious either (it’s creepy), just project your normal friendly expression.

2. The false time constraint… ‘This won’t take long’ or ‘I’ll be gone in a minute’

This removes the ‘Ughh, here’s another long and time wasting conversation’ from women. Well, hot women are approached everytime that’s why they formed this kind of mentality.

You can’t blame them. 9’s and 10’s are approached everytime by needy and desperate guys. That’s why they have generalized guys who approach them will only waste their time.

You still have to prove to her that you’re not one of those guys.

If you don’t offer a false time constraint, she may feel uncomfortable talking with you and may start being unreceptive to what you say.

3. The story – give a short 2-5 minute story. Make it interesting!

“Well, we’re having a party tonight and my friend will bring her girlfriend at the party. The problem is this, his ex will be there too. She’s also a friend of mine that’s why I’M BOTHERED. Do you think it’ll be okay to do that?”

And the conversation starts here… this is just one example. You can experiment on different opinion openers that you want.

Tips on telling a story:

  • Have a slightly higher energy than your target (or target’s group)
  • You must be expressive while telling your story
  • Use words that express emotions (excited, furious, etc)

4. Escalate – build attraction ASAP

If she starts to get comfortable with you, then start building attraction. Start making some cocky and funny lines and start teasing her playfully.

Here are other opinion openers that are also quite effective:

– How important is trust in a relationship? (they love to talk about relationships)

– What do you think of karma?

– What do you think about girls that cheat in their relationships?

– How can a guy impress a girl on a first date?

– What is a cool name for a goldfish?

There are more out there and you should experiment these on your own. Just remember this pattern:

  1. Grab attention
  2. Offer a false time constraint
  3. Have a matching short and interesting story
  4. Escalate and build attraction

It can be a real story or it can be a story that you just made up. Just don’t forget to make it an interesting story.

One great thing about the indirect opener is that you have the time to show her your good qualities. Show her that you have a great personality and high social status. Well of course you don’t have to tell her that directly, because it would seem like you’re bragging. Instead, show it to her by embedding those good qualities in your stories.

For example:

Instead of telling her ‘I have a high social status’ or ‘I am wanted by a lot of women’, tell her a story that contains those qualities without making it obvious to her that you are demonstrating high value.

“So there was this guy who wants to start a fight with me, he was my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. But my friends were there and they protected me… They are always there for me… After the incident I found out that this guy was getting jealous because my ex was still in love with me… Crazy right?”

*This is just an example, you don’t have to use this.

See the part where I said “they are always there for me” – it conveys social status

And the part where I said “my ex was still in love with me” – conveys that you are wanted by women

Use story telling to show her that you have a high value but avoid making it look like you’re bragging. Most of the time, you will be the one who will do all the talking. That’s why you should memorize a couple of stories to entertain her.

Remember, build attraction as soon as rapport is established.

P.S. There’s another type of opener that PUA’s use to attract females and I’ll share it to you tomorrow so stay tuned!

How to Attract Females

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