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How to Make the ‘Awesome’ Impact to Women

Have you ever experienced being interviewed for a job? How did it feel? Did it go well?

Making a good first impression in a job opening is like passing the first test in talking to women. You got to make a good impression or else you will be considered as another regular guy and you will fail the first test.

Here are some tips on how you to make an awesome impact:

•    Proper Mindset

You can use the greatest pick up lines in the world, but if you don’t have the right frame of mind it will still be difficult to pick up chicks.

Women are great at sensing vibes. That’s why they can easily know if a guy is an alpha male or a fake one. Once they sense that you don’t ‘get it’, they’re gone.

A great way to do this is to visualize yourself as a guy with high value. Let’s say for example: imagine that you are a rockstar. Everybody loves you and everybody wants to be with you. Put this in mind everytime and you will slowly gain confidence. It’s just a matter of self hypnosis. (This really works but it takes some practice)

1.    You’re the greatest guy around
2.    You’re awesome
3.    You’re more valuable than any woman
4.    You’re not chasing any woman.
5.    They’re the ones who will be chasing you.

Visualize yourself as an alpha male and you will slowly become one. You must still be in control no matter what happens and no matter how hot your target is.

•    Delivery Of Words

Speak with confidence. Make it loud (but not too loud) and easy to understand.

Another good technique in speaking is to speak with a low-pitched voice. Practice yourself to speak in a deeper vocal tone by humming before actually speaking.

When you’re telling a funny story, deliver it with excitement. When you are telling a sad story, let them feel your emotion. You should be persuasive with what you are saying.

In other words, you have to be more expressive in your delivery.

Conversation tip: make sure to maintain eye-contact and say her name often (they love it!) for example: “you know Jen…” is definitely better than “You know…”

•    Body Language

The proper body language is very important in terms of making an awesome impact.

With proper body language, you can instantly attract women as soon as you enter the room.

– You have to maintain proper hand gestures and facial expression because they will sense your strong and confident aura that makes them attracted to you quickly. Don’t put your hand inside your pockets!

– Don’t try to impress anybody, the alpha male is always cool and is not desperate to demand attention. Just relax and move like you own the world.

– Be comfortable with yourself and the environment.

– Spread your legs when you’re sitting. Don’t be afraid to take up some space.

– Have some chewing gum. It adds to the bad boy effect 😉

•    The Energy Level

It is crucial to demonstrate higher energy level than your target. If you can express your vocal tonality and facial expression with the right energy level, then you will experience incredible responses.

The key here is to open with a slightly higher energy level than your target. If you open with a lower energy level, you won’t be creating any interest.

Have the right mindset, deliver your words properly, project your body language, and have a slightly higher energy level than your target. These tips are highly effective in making an awesome impact to women.

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