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What Women Want From Men – The Jerk and The Nice Guy

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What Women Want From Men

Listen up. This is really crazy. :)

You see, meeting women doesn’t need to be that hard. Yet so many guys push too hard in pleasing women. That is why they’re getting so little results.

Here  I will share one surefire mistake men make in meeting women. I will also share with you what makes bad guys SO ATTRACTIVE.

So here goes…

First of all, the worst mistake that a guy can ever make in approaching women is being so nice.

Being too nice is boring. Really boring. Women hate boring dudes. Don’t treat her like a princess and give everything she wants. Make her work for it!

I know. I know. They said they want nice dudes. But come on. You don’t have to be super nice. It’s nice to be nice, but you have to mix it with fun and excitement. That’s really what women want from men!

Have you ever wondered why a lot of women are so attracted to bad dudes? It’s because they’re fun! They do crazy stuffs. They make chicks wild by triggering their different emotions. They make them angry, confused, happy, excited, and curious at most of the time. They are unpredictable. They make them feel alive. That is why women are so attracted to them.What Women Want From Men

What Women Want From Men:

Here are jerk traits that you may want to use and practice:

1. Cocky – Or overconfidence is one appealing attitude if mixed with humor. Practice having a mindset of ‘Girls want me’ or ‘They crave for me’ and when you meet a girl, look out for signals where you can accuse her of wanting you – in a funny way.

2. Dominant – Women are very attracted to guys who can lead. Avoid asking her what she likes to do or where she wants to go. Making her lead the way is for wussies. Plan your activities when you go out.

3. Teaser – Teasing is one way to demonstrate confidence and humor. It tells her that you’re not one of the majority of men who’s afraid to upset her and just do nothing but kiss her ass.

One quick tip about teasing though: always think of her as your little sister. That way you can show her you care, and at the same time you also want to make her miserable just for fun.

4. Challenge – Challenging her is another way to show dominance. Don’t agree with everything she says. For example: if she ask you to do a favor for her ask her back ‘What’s in it for me?’. Play HARD to get. Don’t show much interest especially when your picking up a 9 or 10.

5. Unpredictable – If a woman can predict all of your actions, she’ll more likely lose interest. Being predictable is a wuss trait which is another way to be boring. On the other hand, if you show unpredictability like being sweet one time and then suddenly turn into a big teaser, she’ll be addicted to you!

6. Adventurous – Try stuff that you haven’t tried before. Women don’t like the same old boring guy because they already have their own boring life.

You see, they don’t like the usual boring dude waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, going to work, going home, sleep, and then wake up on the next morning doing the same stuff over and over. They like excitement! They like fun! That is why they get attracted to bad dudes.

Now I’m not telling you to be a jerk. But what I want you to learn is to balance it. Don’t be too nice, and don’t be too rude. Don’t be a total jerk and hurt her feelings. Be an interesting guy full of excitement. Be playful and always seek fun. That’s the real answer to what women want from men.

What Women Want From Men

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