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How to Attract Females – Why Scarcity Attracts Women

How to Attract Females – Why Scarcity Attracts Women

In this article, I’m about to show you one unique trick to help you learn how to attract females. First let me tell you a story.

A guy named Tony met a woman with a very lovely face and personality.

They had a nice conversation and got her number before they set apart. They became friends and Tony started to admire her. He’s falling for her more and more each day. But the only problem is that he’s getting insecure because he thinks that she’s not feeling the same way for him.

He confessed his love for her. He started to be romantic and nice. But she told him that she wants him to be her friend instead. Now he insisted and called her to set another date. The girl said she was busy. Tony called another day and sent 5 text messages to ask her to go out sometime.

Now unfortunately, the girl started to ignore him. She started to make excuses to avoid meeting up with Tony. Tony got confused, he didn’t know what he did wrong.

Can you guess what’s wrong in this story?

Well, the story I gave you may not be specific enough, but the thing that I want to point out is:

When you’re showing interest, you are also creating tension. This tension may get you into an uncomfortable state which can develop to (your target’s) loss of attraction.

Abundance vs. Scarcity: How to Attract Females

Imagine the favorite food that you want to eat. Now try to eat your favorite food for 2 consecutive months. Don’t eat anything else except for your favorite food.

What do you think will happen? You’ll get sick of your favorite food right?

The same principle applies to women.

When you give too much IOIs (indication of interest) to your target, she may feel uncomfortable with you. She’ll also feel some kind of responsibility that she has to either respond to you with her own IOIs or destroy her friendship with you. Women hate this kind of feeling. They don’t want to take the responsibility too early and they also don’t want to feel guilty of hurting you that’s why they’ll try to avoid you instead.

How You Should Act Instead

Like I said earlier, you create tension everytime you show interest to your target. Now the only way to deal with that tension is to push her away after you give your IOIs (indication of interest).

A tension or resistance is unavoidable and the only way to deal with it is to change her mood. If she gets uncomfortable with your move (this is where tension is built), push her (figurative push) away immediately. That way, her mood will be immediately switched from “uncomfortable” to “playful”. That’s how the push-pull tactic works.

Push-pull Tactic: How to Attract Females

Basically, the push-pull tactic is where you show interest (pull) and then immediately show disinterest (push).

Metaphorically speaking, when you try to escalate to a woman, you take one step forward, and when you see any tension from her, you immediately take two steps back.

The tension is unavoidable when you’re trying to escalate to a woman. But if you use the pushing strategy after the tension is created, you will create a more comfortable and playful vibe between you and your target.


You: “You know what… it feels good to hang out with you” – pull
Her: “Really?”
You: “Too bad you’re not my type” – push

You: Hold her hand while talking to her – pull
Her: Listens while she lets you hold her hand
You: Accuse her of trying to seduce you (as if it was her idea) and push her hand away from you – push

The push-pull technique is a great way to spark attraction. It gives her the signal that you’re interested but it’s not really clear to her that you are. It’s good to give her MIXED SIGNALS. It shows that you have control of the game.

Another great thing about the push-pull technique is that it lowers her guard down while creating comfort. It tells her that it’s safe to be with you because you’re showing that you’re not trying to get in her pants.

Use the push-pull tactic when you’re gaming on women. Use this in a playful manner and you’ll get fantastic responses from them.

How to Attract Females

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